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by Steve S. - Dublin, CA on Heidi Choi

I met Heidi Choi during an open house in Silvergate Highlands. As a long time homeowner and HOA member, I was impressed by Heidi's desire to improve the community as well as her dedication to her clients. I've since seen Heidi handle two sales in Silvergate Highlands, and continue to be impressed. Heidi's an expert at staging and design, as well as home improvements/renovations, whether to maximize the sale price of her listing, or helping community members remodel. Heidi is an asset to our community and I look forward to working with her to help the Silvergate homeowners, whether they are looking to sell or to make improvements. I highly recommend working with Heidi.

by Sumod S. - Glen Allen, VA on Heidi Choi

Heidi was a huge help in not just selecting the home that we bought but also on my decision to buy a home in the East Bay. She walked us patiently through the process, what to expect, the nature of the market and what to look for. Moving to Bay area from the East Coast, there was a world of difference in home buying experience and Heidi was more than helpful to make this a very smooth experience for us. During the signing of the contract, there was an instance where the sellers wanted to hold on to appliances that they had initially included in the disclosures. Heidi was able to convince them to move forward with the contract and demonstrated true professionalism in getting us what was originally disclosed, even at her expense. I couldn't have asked for a better home buying experience. I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who is looking to buy/sell. Above all she is wonderful person to work with and strives to really understand your situation and what works best for you.

by Allen Lee - Fremont Mission Lakes Block Captain on Heidi Choi

Heidi is a very active Realtor in our Mission Lakes community. She has helped many of us navigate through the complicated process of buying and selling our homes. She is incredibly personable, polished and engaging and very professional. This high energy Realtor has a near encyclopedic knowledge of the local real estate market. Her natural people skills and innovative market strategy plus a genuine interest in client value, has set her apart from her peers. She is a perfect match to our real estate needs in selling or buying a house. Heidi is a gifted Realtor, and above all she exceeds expectations for her clients. In addition to her providing outstanding level of service to her clients, Heidi is also genuinely caring and interested in the communities she serves. As an example, currently we are raising money for two surveillance cameras to be installed at the entrances to our Mission Lakes community. When I approached her for a donation, and with a blink of an eye, she becomes the largest donor for our community project. Her generosity exemplifies her giving-back-to-the-community spirit at the highest level. I really think we should support those who support us. I vouch for Heidi’s integrity and her results-oriented commitment to her clients. You know you have made the right decision and will not regret hiring Heidi as your Real Estate Broker.

by Pramod I. - San Ramon on Heidi Choi

I was looking for an investment property in the tri-valley area, specifically San Ramon, Pleasanton and Dublin. I called Heidi right away as I had a great experience working with her, a few years back when buying my primary home. She is very knowledgeable, patient and goes well above and beyond the normal responsibilities to ensure that her clients find what they are looking for and are happy at the end of the process. She doesn’t just stop at the point of sale and stays with you till the end to ensure that you are settled. In my case, she was able to help us purchase a house in San Ramon, which was the area on the top of our list and where we aspired to buy the house. During the purchase process, I had to go out of town and could not be available the entire time. I was unsure how everything would go, but she stepped up, assured me that she would handle the process and that I needn’t worry. She handled the inspections, worked with the sellers, my mortgage company and helped my wife complete the sale process. After the sale, she continued to help us by finding a contractor who could make the necessary fixes and improvements. As this was an investment property, our goal was to give it out for rent. Heidi also helped us list the property for rent in various outlets, helped us with staging, answer prospective tenant questions, conduct open house and also show prospective tenants the house on individual basis. In the end she helped us find the tenant as well. She stayed with us the along the whole way from the initial call I made about the interest in purchasing an investment property, through buying the house and till finding a tenant for the house. I would very highly recommend Heidi for any real estate needs.

by Prasad & Geeta G - Weibel-Fremont on Heidi Choi

Heidi helped us buy our new home and sell our current home. She is very approachable and talking to her frequently helped ease the various stresses involved in a home sale and purchase. On the buy side: Having seen our current home, Heidi was very perceptive of our needs and knew exactly which house we would like and would not. During the purchase process, she was an excellent buffer between the various parties and always a calming and reassuring presence.On the sell side: Heidi has an excellent crew to help get the house ready for an open house in a short period of time. She understands the market which helped us with staging and pricing the house appropriately.

by Kemline Family - Weibel, Centerville-Fremont on Heidi Choi

Heidi was truly outstanding. She is the very model of attacking a planned purchase or sale with a plan and excellent communication. I can say this because we both purchased and sold a home with her. When we were looking for a home she was very patient as we looked at home after home until we found the right one. It was actually fun! A month later we sold a home with her and she had a killer marketing plan ready to go. We had 18 offers in 1 week AND sold the house for over the asking price AND over the appraisal. But I think the best thing is that we NEVER had a problem reaching her. Our text messages were answered in minutes or seconds which is really helpful when you’re a nervous client. She always seemed able to take our calls and if she didn’t have the information right at that time we could count on her getting back with us quickly. We would not hesitate to use her again.

by Simi K - Fremont on Heidi Choi

A long overdue review but well deserved. There are no words to describe the relationship I built with Heidi and her team. A truly honest hard-working reliable trustworthy realtor. Even when we ran into obstacle she kept positive and kept to her word. Not for one second did I hesitate choosing Heidi As my realtor. I had worked with a few other realtor on placing offers on houses and we were not lucky and it always felt as if they were in the purchase to make money only. Heidi treated me and my family as we were family. It was easy to communicate and express our concerns knowing she waved the magic wand and waaalaaa we are homeowners.I am a realtor myself but I had just had a baby and having 2 babies under the age of one i need someone I could lean on. I was looking for someone to hold the same value, passion, and customer service as I would for my clients. I was in the market to purchase my future home as easy and less stressful as possible. As we all know its a buyers market and it gets competitive, stressful and becomes a battle.We ran into bumps along the road of purchase but she always smiled and said don’t worry. We were always surprised with lenders conditions and loan requirement but bless we are we made it to the end. We have been in our house for a year and not a day goes I’m thankful to Heidi. She made it happen. I wasn’t stressed as I could have been during the purchase. Today my family and I are enjoying our home.She promised and delivered and also suggested contractors for jobs we needed to do. She has great team players who provide superior service just as she does.I feel I found myself a friend whom I can always count on. You can’t go wrong going with Heidi.

by E Mercado - Blossom Valley – San Jose on Heidi Choi

We had dealt with several agents in selling rental homes we owned prior to hiring Heidi. We found her negotiating skills to be the best and unmatched. With the assistance of her professional team, we managed to have the home in San Jose repaired in such a short time and in the market in May of 2015. The process went on so smoothly without any snag and got 15 offers in just one weekend of open house. In 3 weeks time we closed escrow, which was an amazing feat. She was there for us every step of the way and even went beyond her duties as realtor to assist us. We highly recommend her without any reservation and will use her expertise again when we sell our home and also recommended her to family and friends.

by Krishna Guda, Gomes - Mission-Fremont on Heidi Choi

I worked with several realtors over the past 15 years. Heidi has certainly impressed me and my wife right from the day we met her. She is very quick to respond and demonstrated that buying and selling a home can be a pleasant experience! She always smiled and has answers for any number of questions that came in our way. She always gave us time to think and helped us with information that made our decision easy. She has flexible attitude but very professional about following up on a plan. We bought a nice home and sold our previous home in a quick succession and she made the whole transaction stress free.

by Tania Rog - Kimber-Gomes-Fremont on Heidi Choi

Heidi has helped my dad sell his house. My dad chose Heidi, because she successfully sold a neighbor’s house very quickly, after it was on the market for a long time with another realtor. My dad purchased a new property and then planned to sell his house to finance the purchase. We were under a tight timeline. We met on a Sunday and decided to have an open house the following weekend. This was a very ambitious timeline, but we decided to move forward. On Monday after our meeting Heidi’s cleaning and staging crew were already in the house. Staging was done on a Tuesday, photos were done on Wednesday, broker’s open was on a Thursday and open house was held on the weekend. Everything happened in one week. We had 11 offers and more than a 120 people come through to see the house. We had offers that were close to 10% over the asking price. Everything was closed in less than a month from the open house date. This was an incredible experience and the success of this sale was in large part due to Heidi. First of all I must say that Heidi chose a specific strategy with respect to pricing of the house which proved very successful. She listened to my dad as to what final amount he wanted to have out of the deal. In fact after the closing, he received even more funds then he was aiming for. Heidi was very efficient with her cleaning and staging crews. After the house was staged we were all in awe as to how it looked. The professional pictures of the staged house were simply amazing, and the video posting on real estate sites was absolutely great. She was very sensitive to potential demographic of the viewing clientele and immediately knew what would appeal to certain types of buyers. Heidi was very professional throughout the whole process. She had several buyers of her own, but despite a potential for doubling her fee out of this deal, she recommended an outside buyer, based on that buyer’s loan situation and contingency requirements. Throughout the process Heidi kept in touch and updated us in a timely fashion on all the developments. She met with us, whenever it was necessary, sometimes late at night. Furthermore, she looked out for my dad’s interest throughout the process. She negotiated with buyers till the very end, and was able to have the buyers pay for the termite work. Again, she stood to gain nothing financially out of this additional benefit for my dad, since this was taking place at the time when neither side had any intention of pulling out. Her client loyalty is amazing and it showed itself in this as well as other details. In summary, I think we were very fortunate to have Heidi on our team and the fast sale of my dad’s house happened only because of her. She is very pleasant to deal with, fair, flexible and smart in choosing specific sales strategy. I would strongly recommend Heidi to anyone. I think she would always be her client’s loyal advocate and she would deliver as much as she possibly could.

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